Special Saturdays: Is it Venomous?

Special Saturdays: Is it Venomous?

Date: Saturday, 04 November 2017

Location: LSU Museum of Natural Science

I had the privilege of leading one of the Museum’s Special Saturday events. These are monthly events focused on kids ages 5-12 (though all are encouraged to come!) to learn about various topics in science. It is always a great crowd because it requires pre-registration, resulting in an audience that is curious and invested. More information about LSU Museum of Natural Science Special Saturdays here: http://www.lsu.edu/mns/education/special-saturdays.php

I gave a 25 minute presentation titled: “Is it Venomous?” In the presentation I talked about the 7 venomous snakes found in Louisiana, harmless look-a-likes (or as I called them: “Mistaken Identities”), and many other cool snakes found in Louisiana. We discussed why snakes are very important to our ecosystem and steps to take when you see a snake (usually: let it be!).  We also spent some time looking at snake specimens (venomous and nonvenomous), and making friendly snake crafts. I may have had more fun than some of the kids!

Several parents came up to me to discuss how to make their homes safer for their kids/pets and let me know that I had changed their minds about snakes. This is always super rewarding for me and encourages me to continue conducting Scientific Outreach! Thank you to everyone who participated!